Second year is in full swing, and I can already tell it’s going to be quite the journey. Before I started school last week, my good friend asked me: what are your expectations for this year? I thought about it for a while and finally I said this year is going to be about reaping what I sow. I’m expecting to work harder than I ever have, but I’m also expecting to have that work pay off–with interest. I’ll be tested many times, but in my weakness God’s power will be made strong and I will conquer. It’s completely different from first year because now I know exactly what I’m getting into, what I need to do to succeed, and how important it is for me to succeed. And that awareness makes it impossible for me to ignore my work. So my mindset is totally different. Slacking has left my vocabulary.

DSC_6913This year I’m expecting to grow both as a student and a leader. On top of being a full time student, I am president of my school’s chapter of Student National Medical Association (an amazing organization that I love very much) and also help coordinate a night clinic for the homeless and uninsured. Sometimes I wonder how I’m going to manage my responsibilities with school and still take care of myself.. and maintain a blog too! But I remember that I’m more than capable of accomplishing anything I put my mind to. Not by my own power of course, although a little agenda planning on my part never hurt. And sometimes it’s good to just let tomorrow take care of itself.

I want to wish everyone else starting school this month the very best! No matter what stage of school; whether it’s your first year or your last–never forget the end goal. Let that drive you forward and motivate you to always give 110%. And in case you haven’t had anyone tell you yet: you can do it–whatever it is. Just remember:

“Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” – Matthew 6:33

I’m excited to bring y’all along on this journey!

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