Accountability time

Many people following my blog know me pretty well, and some of you are getting to know me better through my posts. Regardless, this post is really just a candid look into my head. New Years is a time to refocus, recommit, and reset priorities. I want to share with you all a little bit about what that looks like to me! Hopefully it’ll encourage one person out there. If anything, it’s just clarifying for me to finally write it all down.


Med school is such a big part of my life. I mean it has to be, I’m not taking out all these loans for nothing! And if I’m not doing well in school, what am I supposed to tell my Nigerian father?? I understand that I’m a “student first,” but it’s like I’m always planning things around school. I don’t want to get so caught up in it that I lose touch of other passions and hobbies. Because at the end of the day, I don’t want to graduate, and only have cultivated a massive brain in the process. This year for me will be more about planning school around other things, as crazy as that sounds because I’ve just entered the “6 months of sacrifice” required for STEP1 studying (national boards).

There are 5 major areas that I want to increase on this year, while still maintaining my success in school: reading, spirituality, photography, blogging and relationships.

Reading for pleasure

I got back into reading during first year and did pretty well–check out my newly updated Reading List if you haven’t! But then second year started…and I’ve literally been reading the same book since August–how sad. I was so intentional about it before, but then life happened. My current goal is one book per month until my dedicated board studying time (2 would be ideal, but lets be real). I might try audiobooks to speed up the process. If you have recommendations, let me know!

Quiet time with God

I’ve talked about my spirituality in a previous post–it tends to eb and flow. I’ve gotten “better” since my more consistent times have lasted longer. But I still feel like I just coast for periods of time. My flesh and spirit are in constant tug-of-war. But when I’m intentional about quiet time, it makes a huge difference because I’m feeding my spirit more and it allows me to better discern God’s plans for me. My goal is 20 minutes before bed each night. Last semester I started doing it in the mornings, but then I magically lost the ability to wake up early enough lol. Time to switch it up.


I bought a camera a little over 7 months ago, because I’ve always enjoyed taking pictures, and I had full intentions of furthering that hobby beyond my iPhone VSCO Camera app. But since then, I can probably count on 10 fingers the events I’ve taken pictures at. So this year I plan to be more serious about it and really develop a skill set through it!


January 1st marks 6 months with my blog, and it’s already far exceeded my expectations! I started off just wanting a space to share some thoughts, but since I began I’ve gotten such wonderful feedback and encouragement that it makes me want to invest even more! It’s been a true testimony to how God can use someone as a vessel. So this year my goal is 2 posts each month, some more personal, others more filled with advice, and I’ll be increasing features from students in different levels of their training.


As we get older and separate from our groups of friends, we have to make actual effort to keep up with people. It’s very easy to be tricked by social media into thinking that you’re keeping up with someone when in reality you haven’t spoken to them in a long time. It’s even easier to do that when you’re in med school because you have so many excuses to not call people. I don’t have a particular goal in mind for this, but with upcoming boards and the beginning of my clinical years of school, I just want to be intentional about maintaining relationships. Because, I don’t want to graduate having neglected the people who’ve been in my corner since day one.

My beautiful sisters

Hope you appreciate the insight into some of my goals for 2017! I titled this post the way I did because I believe that by making your plans public, there is inherently increased accountability. I’ll be sure to periodically update you guys on the journey–because it will indeed be one!

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