Those days when you just can’t

The last, say, 10 days have been really heavy for me and my classmates. We’re getting slammed with a lot of material and our exam over everything we’ve been learning over the past 5 weeks is on Monday (pray for us). For me specifically, our SNMA chapter has been really busy and I had to do this other big presentation today that I’ve been prepping for since the weekend. So it’s just been a lot going on in addition to baseline studying, doing UWorld questions for STEP1 studying, and just maintaining overall sanity. Everyday I’m at school 6:30am and after a mix of class, studying, meetings, extracurriculars, and gym time, I finally make it home around 6pm.

This week I’ve been getting headaches more frequently and falling asleep all throughout the day because of sleep deprivation (so unlike me y’all I really value sleep). Then today came, and it started off per usual. After my presentation I had a meeting, and I started getting a headache during that. All I could think about was how glorious it would be to go home and get in bed. But if you know me or have ever seen my calendar, you know how I plan my days pretty much to the T. So I’m looking at my schedule and of course there’s no room for any R&R. But by the time the meeting ended, I was like “bruh. I can’t do this anymore, I’m tired of being in this building and I just want to go home.” All I needed was the confirmation from my study group–because study guilt is real–and I practically ran to my car!

IMG_6048.JPGSo I came home, got in bed, read my book, took a nap, and woke up rejuvenated to study. Then after studying some, I went on a beautiful run (listened to Goljan pathology during it, still gotta maintain efficiency lol) which made me feel even more renewed! And for the rest of the evening I’ve just been doing more light studying. I’m just glad that I listened to my body and took a chunk of this day for myself, because now I feel stronger going into these next 3 tortuous days of preparing for this exam. So moral of the study is just listen to your body when it tells you yes, and don’t let your mind tell you no!

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