Done with boards and on to the wards!


Week one (well, the three days that it was) in the wards is under my belt! I’m in Pediatrics now, and I’m just loving all the babies and kids because they’re so cute–even when they’re sick lol. It’s summer time and I’m on out-patient service right now so I’m doing my fair share of regular check ups and have seen a lot of bread and butter Peds diagnoses. No crazy genetic abnormalities have come my way yet. What’s funny is that I see the patients before the doctor does, so the parents ask me all these questions about how their kid is doing and if they’re doing the right things as parents and in my head I’m like you really don’t want me to be answering your questions. But between social smiles, rolling over, and pincer grasps, I’m slowly building my knowledge of baby milestones and the do’s and don’t’s of parenting. The only semi-embarrassing thing that’s happened to me was when I was trying to look in this kids ear and the stupid plastic tip thing kept falling off! It took me like 3 times to get it to twist on right and me and the patients mom just started laughing. But that’s just the kind of stuff I’d expect to happen to me lol. I’ve also gotten lost in the hospital like 5 times before I finally figured out where the heck I was going. Now I have my one route in and one route out and I’m sticking to them.

The days go by so fast and I don’t even feel like I’m working half the time! But I’m constantly being evaluated, so I have to show face at all times because I never want to look like I’m just going through the motions. I’m realizing what people were talking about before when they would talk about the hospital hierarchy of attendings, residents, everyone else, and then med students at the bottom lol. But I definitely know my place, and just keep it pushing when my patients get taken away from me #notbitter. All in all I love pediatrics and I mean I know it’s only 3 days in, but it’s definitely got a place on my career differential. I saw this 2 year old girl on Friday and she just loved me so much that she started crying as I left the room, I was so touched! And I also get a lot of encouragement from the minority parents I work with. They love seeing a young black woman in a white coat. I feel like I’m automatically a role model for their kids.

The worst part of my days is when I come home and have to study and do questions for the rest of the night. I literally feel like I’m studying for STEP again. I have a new schedule, a journal for questions, videos to watch, etc. Like it never ends!!!! That’s the only depressing thing, just realizing that this is how my life is going to be until 4th year. They don’t tell you this stuff before you decide to do medicine. But I’m in too deep now, so oh well, just gotta keep grinding! It’ll all be worth it. Honestly I really am blessed to be where I’m at.

Also side note, my white coat weighs like 10 pounds! I keep a foldable clipboard, stethoscope, pens, chap stick (major key), and 3 granola/protein bars in my secret inside pocket haha (another major key). Look, I’m not about to play myself or get caught slippin’! Trust and believe that.

So I have one more week of out-patient, then I start in-patient service where I have to report at 6:30am *upside down smiley face emoji* so we’ll see if this happy-go-lucky attitude holds up! I’ll keep y’all posted on life in the hospital! Wishing everyone a wonderful week.

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