And the Winner is… *drumroll*

Congratulations to my good friend Gilbert for winning The Balancing Act’s one year anniversary giveaway!! Welcome to all my new subscribers! It’s never too late to join the club! Here’s a little bit about the winner and why he chose to subscribe!


My name is Gilbert Nwaopara, and I am third-year law student at the University of Wisconsin. I met my incredible pal Ije my first year at UGA, and she’s been a blessing to me ever since. I subscribed to the Balancing Act blog because I hardly ever get to speak to my pal and knew this would be a great way to stay up to date on the new developments in her life. Besides that, many of my friends are also in medical school, and they’re all undergoing similar challenges so it’s nice to get that other perspective of life as a medical student. From the looks of it, I made the right choice switching over to law school from my pre-med track. Nevertheless, I will always continue to support my friends, like Ije, who chose this incredible, yet arduous, career path. Thanks for selecting me! I can’t wait to read your future posts and spend that $25 gift card!

Thanks Gilbert for supporting me continuously, I appreciate it so much! I’m glad that I can reciprocate the love. Congratulations again!

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