Maximizing your free time

The past several weeks have been very chill for me. I had four weeks of a very non-demanding elective, then two weeks of a palliative care rotation, which was also pretty light. So I had a lot of free time on my hands. In the beginning, all I wanted to do was be a bum–which felt great. But of course, with my personality, that did not last long. I found different things to productively occupy my time. So as I go on, keep in mind that these are suggestions for bulk free time, and not when you only have a few hours here and there.

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Declutter your whole life

I did a major clean out of my closet–basically a purge. I got rid of all of the clothes and shoes I no longer wore. I also finally threw out stuff I had been hoarding in there for the longest (ex. leftover supplies from my sister’s bridal shower almost 2 years ago). Before, I could only take 2 steps in my closet before being swallowed up, and now I can see the wall all the way to the back! Two full bags of trash and two full suitcases of clothes/shoes/purses later…

Discover fun things to do with your hair (to my naturalistas)

I usually have my hair in protective styles (wigs, braids, twists, etc.), but over these past 6 weeks, I’ve been wearing my natural hair out. I’ve washed it every weekend and styled it all kind of fun ways. YouTube and I became even more besties than we already were! It’s really boosted my confidence in wearing it out too. Going into a new [real] rotation, I’m not sure if I can keep up with all the maintenance honestly because ya girl needs to study…we’ll see!

Get ahead

For me this was applied to my blog. I wanted to bulk up content so that I could stay consistent with my Sunday releases even when I got busy again. This was actually hard though, because I was forcing myself to write with no real inspiration. So I admittedly didn’t get too far with that. I also applied this to school, as I started minimally preparing for my Family Medicine rotation this past week. It’s apparently the hardest Shelf, and the specialty I’m interested in pursuing, so I just want to do well.


Spark up a new/old habit

I used to run pretty consistently before STEP1 and third year started. So in this time I knew I definitely wanted to get back to that. Not training for anything, never really had any pacing goals. It just helps me so much with my mental stamina. Embracing the pain and soreness, convincing myself that I’m not tired-that I still have more to give, finding a good pace and staying in it–all things I do with school. I set a goal to run 50 miles in October and I’m so proud that I met that goal!


Make something

I randomly decided that I was going to make something for my niece, since everyone was buying my sister pretty much everything humanly possible. Just wanted to be different. So I used YouTube to teach me how to make headbands for infants. I spent a day and half  on that project, because I made a matching one for me too!

Make the most of your free time the next time you have it! Add other suggestions in the comments. Have a wonderful week! -TBA

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