2 weeks into Family Medicine!

I’m two weeks into my family medicine rotation (as the title suggests) and I’ve been

On day one!

loving it so far! I work in a rural area in Sough Carolina about 30 mins from my apartment in Augusta. Now that I’ve gotten used to driving through back roads, I actually enjoy the commute. I drive with the sunrise and sunset every day. I have to report at 7:15 and I’m usually off by 5:15. So 10 hour days–could be worse. Every morning we round on patients in the hospital then we go to the clinic next door to see patients for the rest of the day. I work with 2 different physicians–one who’s been there for like 40 years and the other who’s been there 12. So they are very well known and respected in the community and have had students rotating there since forever. The patients are always telling me hilarious stories and encouraging me on my journey. Especially the minority patients who emphasize how much it matters for them to see people of color in this profession.

Family med is currently the specialty I want to go into, so I was pretty much hoping that I’d confirm that with this rotation, which is definitely happening! But, I have to keep in mind that I’m getting a very long term, idealistic view of what family medicine can be. My patients practically think my older preceptor walks on water so they do everything he says. Both of the physicians have developed such trusting relationships with their patients, so I’m just seeing the fruit of all of their labor. I love it though, it’s all about connecting dots and maintaining patients’ health; discovering ways you can improve their quality of life; knowing your limits and when to refer patients out; putting the pieces together when patients are seeing 5 different specialists; catching up on life in 3-6 mo intervals. It’s definitely not easy work, but I feel very fulfilled doing it.

I was worried that I might end up liking kids better than adults, and that didn’t happen because my conversations with adults were so rich that I didn’t want to let that go. It’s a very different bond you have between an adult patient and a peds patient, and I value them both. Plus, kids are frustrating! They won’t just sit down and listen or let me do my physical exam. And they just cough and sneeze as if they own the place. It’s honestly annoying sometimes, and gross. So mixing it up with adults who have sense really makes the day so much better.

Studying is weird. I don’t really feel like I’m making much headway to be honest. I don’t have the direction like I had for my other rotations. It’s just too broad. I study and do questions, but for now I don’t really know if I’m on the right track. I’ll find out with time. Hopefully I’ll still have time to straighten up by then!

I’m excited to go to work though, which is an awesome feeling.

I can’t waitto see my family and college friends again and enjoy my Thanksgiving “break” (Thursday and Friday–rubbish) with them. I pray everyone has a beautiful time this week surrounded by loved ones. Have a wonderful week! -TBA

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