I’m not ready…

This weekend set a new record for speed. It literally ended in the blink of an eye. I just took my surgery shelf exam Friday and already I’m thinking about my planning and study schedule for internal medicine (IM), which starts tomorrow. Back to back 8 week rotations–my head is spinning just thinking about it. I haven’t recovered from my exhaustion from surgery and it’s time to run another marathon again. At this point I’m wondering where my motivation is going to come from! And it’s not like I can ease into things because we hit the ground running with assignments and quizzes, and there’s 1300+ UWorld questions (practice exam questions) to get through for IM. Along with being a good student, I also want to be a good sister, aunt, friend, daughter, child of God, and of course good to myself. So it’s a lot to balance and everyday I feel like my priorities get rearranged.

Happy birthday Marquenda!

This weekend was the first in two months where I didn’t have a quiz to take or chapters to read or assignments to check off. I definitely soaked up as much of it as possible. I went with a group of friends to a winery outside of Atlanta to celebrate my friend’s (and future neonatologist) birthday. It was such a blast. Good conversations about life–not school–so many hearty laughs, and of course wine! That day trip was such a breath of fresh air. Augusta was starting to smother me. Other than that I meal prepped for the week, washed my hair, spent time with my niece (who just turned 4 months!), caught up on some episodes of This Is Us, and enjoyed my own company.

And I finally watched Black Panther, which was AMAZING! So much action and so much radiant melanin. I loved the strong black cast and was so inspired by the people of Wakanda and their loyalty to each other. I also thought it was unpredictable and kept me on edge, however, one of my friends felt the opposite way. Maybe I’m just naive. Either way, it was a great movie that I highly recommend for anyone. #WakandaForever

As unprepared and not-ready for tomorrow as I feel, one thing I refuse to do is stress about it. I’m at a point in my life where I am truly content with doing my best. All I can do it put my best foot forward, work as hard as I can, and let God handle the rest. I don’t let my classmates stress me out either–I’m wayyy past that comparison phase. They do them and I do me. I’m ready and excited about new challenges, new patients, and a new work environment. Just hoping to have reasonable superiors. OK, I’ve fallen asleep 3 times trying too write this post. I’m to tired I need to get some rest! Have a wonderful week!

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