STEP2 Studying: week 2 + mini vacay

This past week was a strong productive week I must say! My focus and critical thinking has improved. I’ve been doing better on my UWorld question sets as I’ve been learning/reviewing more. Every once in a while I’ll still choose an answer that 0% of people chose, which humbles me real quick. But I can say for now I feel like I’m on track. I studied at home for most of the week which has actually been fantastic because it’s so quiet with no distractions and my desk is right by my window so I get natural light. Best thing is that I don’t have to do my hair lol. Tomorrow I’ll take my first UW self assessment, which I’ve been told are much better indicators of where you stand compared to the official NBME exams. I’m going to attempt to do 4 extra UW blocks on top of it to really push my stamina as if it’s a full length exam. Not sure if that’s going to work out with my current level of brain power, but we’ll see!

IMG_7166.JPGThis weekend I took a much needed mental break and went to Savannah, GA with one of my friends who’s in occupational therapy school. She just finished her summer semester and wanted to do a mini trip so I said sure! Savannah is alot of fun and only 2.5 hours from Augusta, so it was a perfect destination. You may (or not) be wondering How much study time did you reeeally take off? So I had a full study day Friday and we left around 8 that night. Saturday morning I woke up early to study for about 4 hours while she slept in and we agreed to start the day at noon. I know this was a “getaway” but I never planned to actually take a whole day off studying (study guilt hits hard). I reserved that morning for biostatistics and epidemiology, which for me is a lighter topic because I understand it pretty well fundamentally. I took the rest of the day off though! And it was fantastic. It was like my brain was being defogged.

We met up with other friends we knew in the city and got lunch with them at this spot called Treylor Park. I had these pancake and chicken tacos that honestly were underwhelming but the concept was unique. We got ice cream, caught up, walked around, etc. I got soooo many steps in–a very much needed change in pace from sitting in a chair for 12-14 hours a day. We found a playground that had swings so we had fun being kids for a minute until it got too hot. We also got drinks at Lulu’s Chocolate Bar which is a popular dessert place also known for their designer cocktails that are named after different candies/desserts. After we got dinner I took a nap/slept for the rest of the night–that early morning and all that walking in the heat really got to me. I finally willed myself out of bed at like midnight to start getting ready for our night out. It felt like college again lol. But we had so much fun. If you want a good hip-hop spot in Savannah, go to Treehouse downtown. The DJ was on point and I definitely burned my share of calories. We got brunch the next morning and headed on back to Augusta. I actually wrote the majority of this post in the car on the way back.

So really it was only 36 hours of vacation, but it felt like a whole weekend! It was perfect for my tight schedule and I’m glad I was with someone who understood my need to still get some work done. I definitely feel refreshed and ready to take on this next week! I have something to look forward to because next weekend is my mom’s birthday and I’m surprising her with a trip that I planned for us! So I’m excited to see her. Also, one of my best friends is having a going away party because she’s soon leaving for physical therapy school in D.C. I’ve actually written about her before! We were speaking this moment into existence. I’m super proud of her and look forward to sending her off in style.

That’s all the updates I have! I hope you all have a wonderful week 🙂

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