3 days until STEP 2: how I’m feeling

I’m going to make this one short because I obviously have a date with my books this evening. I take STEP2 this Wednesday (today’s Sunday) and the best way to describe how I feel is burned out. I’m just tired of reading, doing questions, reviewing questions, watching videos, etc. My brain has had enough. Part of me wished I signed up to take this exam tomorrow instead of prolonging the suffering. If you’ve ever felt burn out before then you know what I mean. It’s not like I feel ready to ace the test–at all. There’s still some areas that I could brush up, but if I’m being honest with myself, there’s ALWAYS going to be areas that could be brushed up. So I’m just at the point where I feel like I know what I know. Information is falling out of my brain and I’m just tired. These past 3 weeks have been so mentally taxing, even with me taking breaks in my schedule! I don’t have the same stamina that I used to.

I cannot believed I studied like this for 6 weeks for STEP1 last year.

By God’s grace, I’ve done well on the 2 practice tests (UW self assessments) that I’ve taken and I feel fairly confident that I will reach my target score, which is really just to do better then I did on STEP1. I chose not to take any NBME practice tests because I’ve been told that the scoring scale is really off on them and I don’t need anything to bring my confidence down. I’m just going to ride this wave to the finish line. I’m ready to get back to regular life. I have projects I’m working on, books I want to read, and most importantly tv shows to watch (like the Insecure premier!). Looking back on my studies, I can at least say I’m glad that I didn’t choose many resources to get through. Three was just enough, but I’ll talk more about the resources I used in a different post.

I came home to Atlanta this weekend to celebrate my mom’s birthday and my good friend Abi’s going away party. Both were successful! (The video below is of a group of my girl friends at the send off; you may recognize many of them from my NOLA trip). I had to get up early on Saturday to get work done before all the festivities, but I was happy to be surrounded by my friends and family. I surprised my mom with a beach vacation for the two of us that I’ve planned for Labor day weekend. She was super excited! I can’t wait either! It will be much needed relaxation for the both of us.


Other things to look forward to! The day after my test I leave for Houston to spend the weekend with my sister and niece. I miss them a lot–the baby more so lol. If you don’t know, they used to live here in Augusta before my sister moved to Houston for pharmacy residency. That weekend is the weekend before my birthday (Aug 23), so hopefully I can also have a fun pre-celebration.

Well that’s pretty much what’s going on with me. I’ll be at home until I take my exam. Studying at home is definitely not ideal especially in my old house where you can hear everyone’s movements. And my dad’s voice is so loud I can hear him on the phone no matter where he is. But everyone goes to work tomorrow thankfully, and the public library will be my best friend these next 2 days! It’s just going to be review, review, review from now on! Wish me luck and have a great week! 🙂

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