It’s all come down to this! Time to submit my ERAS app

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It’s time to submit my application for residency! It’s crazy to think that all of my time in medical school has been summarized into this one application that I’m submitting this week. I’ve had to craft my ERAS (Electronic residency application service) application to truly reflect my character, interests, aspirations, accomplishments, values, intellect, and best qualities. At this point it’s like my baby that I’ve been nursing. Now that I’m done with it, I can look in hindsight and say that it really hasn’t been that hard putting it all together. I’ve basically been building it since the first day of my first year of medical school. I got involved in organizations that spoke to me and aligned with my missions such as SNMA and mentorship programs with kids. I didn’t invest time in anything that I wouldn’t enjoy. So, I think you could look at my involvements and get a pretty good idea of the type of person I am before even getting to the personal statement. And I kept my CV updated very regularly through out my medical school career, which has been the saving grace in this whole process.

I think the worst part of it all was writing the personal statement because that was the only thing that started with a blank page. I started writing it back in June/July, and even today I’m still thinking about minor tweaks I can make on it. I’ll even have a wave where there’s an entire section that I don’t like anymore. So for my sanity, I just need to submit it and be done! It’s never going to be perfect, and honestly I don’t need it to be. From when I hear, it’s lower on the totem pole in terms of the most important parts of the application anyway. And many times it’s not even fully read, just skimmed through before the interview. So I shouldn’t even be that pressed about it.

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You guys I’m just so excited for what’s to come. Do you ever think about your future and just get excited?? I don’t know where I’m going to end up or even what life will look like in 5 years, but I know that I’m going to be successful and doing something that I love. I’ve come too far to fail. I’ve worked so hard! And of course the hard work isn’t over, but I’m coming to a point in my career where I can step back, breathe, and just be in awe of how far God has brought me. I’m finally feeling that “fourth year paradise” feeling. All of the overwhelming feelings I had a few months ago have subsided now, with my Sub-I, STEP2, and now this application moving behind me. Time truly flies. I swear I remember just cracking open my First Aid for USMLE Step 1, and now I’m submitting my residency application. It’s such a good feeling. My friend summed it up like this:

The years are short but the days are long.

We had a mixer today with some of the first year medical students, which really brought things home for me. They were looking at me with the exact same awe that I looked at the senior students with when I was a first year. The role reversal is crazy. At that time, they told me that I’d be in their shoes before I knew it, and now that I’m here–wow.

In other news, this week is the last week of my procedures elective, so I’ll be making the most of the extra free time I’ve been afforded and try to get as much done before I leave Augusta. My next rotation is at another family medicine rotation at hospital in Atlanta. It’s kind of like a visiting student rotation, but not really since they’re affiliated with my med school. Either way, I’ll have to be back on my A game, much unlike the past 3 weeks of this elective.

Praise report! I am presenting the work I’ve been doing in our curriculum office at a poster session at an educational conference next week in Miami, FL! I had no idea when I got involved in this that it would even go this far. I’m proud of myself and excited to see how it will be received from people from other medical schools.

 Hope everyone has a great week!

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