Update: Atlanta rotation & being back home

It’s been a while since you’ve gotten an update from me! These past few weeks I’ve distanced myself from my social media in order to take care of myself and focus on this rotation I’m on. I’ve also been living at home and my parents have kept be busy. From helping my dad increase the font on Microsoft Word to helping my mom create a WhatsApp group to cleaning all our floors downstairs, they always need me for something–big or small. It’s been nice spending time with my folks though. I’ve learned more about them than I thought I knew. My family doesn’t really do too much, we’re not an adventurous bunch. We just spend quality time, talk, tell stories, etc. which I’ve enjoyed. Not having to cook as much is also a bonus of being at home. Exercising has been tough without having a gym membership. I have to rely on my brother and go with him as a +1, but even he’s pretty inconsistent.

My rotation here is a total of 4 weeks at Atlanta Medical Center. The first 2 weeks were at the main hospital downtown doing inpatient medicine. The second 2 weeks are outpatient, which I’m doing right now. The highlight of being on inpatient was delivering a baby! It was a crazy morning how everything happened. Our team has both adult and OB patients on the service, and one of our mothers went into labor. The intern on OB was on vacation, so our team ended up doing the delivery. Not going to lie, it was the most disgusting delivery I’d ever seen! But it was cool to take part in that, then just continue rounds per usual (ah, the joys of family medicine). Besides that there weren’t any other surprises. I was expected to carry 4 patients, which I did without problem thanks to my prep during my sub-I in Augusta. On the outpatient side, it’s pretty been standard bread and butter family medicine. I’ve enjoyed the change in pace, regular hours, and not being on call. Plus waking up at 7:30 beats waking up at 5:30 any day.

The reason I did this rotation was to get an idea how life would be if I matched into a residency in a major city. I actually enjoyed being in the city because it was easy to make plans with people since the hospital was in a 10 minute radius from a lot of restaurants and sites. The problem was that my house is 25 mins away from the hospital–without traffic. Every morning it took longer than that. And if I ran late for any reason, I would face the wrath of Atlanta traffic. I had heart palpitations everyday on the way in because of the way people drove like mad men. And when I got off around 5, it took me over an hour to get home. The driving was the absolute worst. I resolved that if I matched to a big-city program, I would pay the extra rent to live close to the hospital. I refuse to be a commuter; I just can’t do it! Despite that, I really did enjoy working in the city. The views were amazing and the population is really diverse which makes for a great learning environment.

I’m looking forward to ending this week and this rotation strong! My next rotation is Emergency medicine in Rome, GA. I get to pick my shifts so it should be pretty chill. I have 2 interviews (Morehouse and Emory) towards the end of the month to officially kick off the interview season! I take STEP 2 CS at the end of the month as well. PRAISE REPORT: I was chosen to present my poster at the AAMC national conference in Austin, TX in November! So I have lots to look forward to! God is good. Stay tuned!

From my poster presentation in Miami! 9/20

Have a great week! 🙂
[For my subscribers, I apologize for such a late post, I had to rewrite the entire thing last minute after WordPress betrayed me.]

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