Going, going, gone!

So, this will probably be the last you hear of me for 2018 because I’m traveling to Nigeria in 2 days and will be there for the rest of the year. Unfortunately, this is also going to be a short post because I’m currently writing from a hotel room in North Carolina and I need to get some sleep before my interview in the morning. There was a crazy snow storm in the part of the state that I drove through, so my drive was just terrible. There was so much ice on the road, so many cars that had slid off the road or gotten trapped in the snow. I was thankful that I recently replaced my tires on my car so I felt like I had a good grip on the road and didn’t slide too much. Either way I was so tense while driving because I had to be so vigilant of everything going on. By the time I got here, my shoulders and back were so tight and sore from my posture and grip on the steering wheel. Thankfully, the program just made the dinner at our hotel and the residents brought food over so we didn’t have to leave. Last week I was in Miami wearing sandals, so this was a stark contrast.

Speaking of Miami, funny story from one of my interviews there. My interviewer and I are have that typical pre-interview small talk, and she says “So I see you’re reading Michelle’s book!” I wasn’t even thinking and I said yes I am! Then I thought, wait how does she know that that’s definitely not in my application. I asked her and she said “oh I read it on your blog! You’re a fantastic writer.” I could only laugh and say wow really?? I was so impressed by that. My blog has come up just about everywhere I’ve gone, but I’ve never had someone tell me they actually read my posts. I thought that was really cool. I really enjoyed myself there. And who wouldn’t want to live in Miami? You’d never have to spend money on vacation.

I actually used my interview there as a mini Miami vacay to clear my head of all the interview season stuff, which was really nice. Art Basel was going on so I got to check out some pretty cool events. Since returning, I’ve been ping-ponging all over again. I flew back into Augusta and quickly unpacked and repacked for a quick overnight trip to Atlanta the next day for a meet-up with bridesmaids for my good friend’s wedding. I also had to stop at my parents house to get a suitcase full of stuff for me to take to people in Nigeria as my second checked bag (my foreigners can relate). Then back to Augusta to unpack and repack for this 5 hour journey to NC. I thank God for his journey mercies throughout this whole season. Tomorrow, I’ll head back and then fly out to Nigeria with my mom Tuesday. I cannot wait to finally be in just one place for a little while.

Image result for lagos
Lagos traffic

My trip will be split into two parts. I’m staying in Lagos for the first half then I’ll travel ~8 hours east to my family’s village for the second half. This will be the first time I’m in Nigeria and I get to really spend some time in the city so I’m pretty excited because there’s a few spots I really want to check out. We usually just stay overnight in Lagos and then go straight to the village, which is cool and all because you spend time with family, but it gets old really fast. You essentially get disconnected from the world hence why I probably won’t update my blog. Only thing I’m not looking forward to is the traffic.

So, this is it for 2018!
Finish the year strong!

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