Match Madness!

Watch my Match Day Vlog here!

WOW, match day has come and gone!

I still vividly remember standing in line to receive my white coat, and my first time doing anything clinical at a health fair. Flash forward to two days ago: I walk across the stage and received that coveted envelope that students before me always talked about. My MATCH letter that would tell me where I was going for my residency training. A month ago, I submitted my rank list and prayed in hopes of matching at one of my top-ranked programs. The waiting game was finally over.

Our school does Match day a little differently than many other programs I know of. Definitely a lot less formal. We have a theme each year and dress up in costumes. This year the theme was Heroes vs. Villains. I represented for the culture as Black Panther-ess and a lot of other people in my crew were characters from the movie as well. Because we have 200+ students to get across the stage, we operate very efficiently. Each student designs a powerpoint slide with 18 sec of music on it; the slide show plays in random order and that 18 secs is your time to shine!

I am so excited and blessed to tell you that I matched at my #1 program for Family Medicine and will be taking my talents to Charlotte, NC! All my struggles in medical school have finally brought me to this point. All I feel is bliss and joy. I’m so proud of everyone who also matched this week, it is NOT easy! Social media has a way of making this journey look more glamorous than it really is, but those of us in it know the truth of how difficult medical school is. But God, we made it through! It was also great celebrating with my family and friends. I appreciate all of the love that has come my way via phone, text, social media, etc. It has made the ride that much sweeter!

Hope you enjoy my vlog of some highlights of the day! (link above)

Now time to focus on my next steps in terms of packing/moving and just enjoy this free time before things get real once again in a few months.

Hope you have a wonderful week!

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