4th year Vacay Recap

I’m back from vacation feeling better than ever! You know how sometimes you take a vacation, and by the time it’s over, you feel like you need a vacation from the vacation?? Not this time. Me and my girls did a good job of not overloading our itinerary so it was a good balance of being tourists/seeing things and sleeping in and relaxing. Definitely my favorite trip I’ve taken thus far.

The first stop was Seville, Spain. Here, we did the most walking and the least spending. Our hotel was in a great location, walking distance from everywhere we wanted to go. And they served breakfast, so we saved a little there. The area had a very traditional vibe to it, not very diverse, and you saw a lot of the same food options at different restaurants. We did a Flamenco dance class (common traditional dance in Spain) which was so much fun! The weather was sucky (cold, rain) but we made the most of it and didn’t waste any days.

Las Setas
Plaza de España

Barcelona was a much bigger, more lively and diverse city. I absolutely fell in love with it. There’s such an appreciation for art, fashion, creativity in general. The lifestyle there is so different–people stay out late and start the days later. The food was AMAZING. So many more options than Seville, which makes sense. The nightlife is dope too. We went to a big nightclub one night and bar hopped at more local spots another night, both a good time in their own regard. In Barcelona, we took a paella cooking class which was one of my overall trip highlights. It was so much fun and interactive and we learned the history of this dish that’s so embedded in their culture. We also randomly ran into another group of black girls in the city! That was the only time we saw a group similar to our during the whole trip. Barcelona is definitely on my list of cities to return to.

Barceloneta beach
Sagara Familia basilica
Arc de Triomf

Mykonos, Greece. Where do I even begin? This island is so breathtakingly beautiful (like many of the Greek islands I’m sure). And the people are so nice! This was the last leg of the trip, and we agreed prior to coming that we would use our days here to mainly relax. I slept in until 11 or 12 every day. When I woke up, I’d just sit outside our villa and meditate, stretch, and enjoy the view of the land and sea. Our day wouldn’t start until around 2p, but they wouldn’t end until 3am because we would go out to dance after dinner. Man, life was good. I think Mykonos was my favorite leg of the trip because of all the sleeping I did and just the sheer beauty of the place. The food on the island was great as well. We even went to the same restaurant twice because it was so good. We spent the most money here though because we had a driving service to take us into town from our villa. The way things are set up there, you can’t just walk or take a cab, so those rides added up.

Views from our villa

From the island, we took a ferry to get to Athens, Greece. The ride was way nicer than I expected. It was my first time being on a ferry. We stayed in a 5-star hotel for our last night. They even had smoked salmon as part of the breakfast buffet! We wanted to at least visit Acropolis that evening, but the ferry was delayed in arrival so it was closed by the time we got there. Luckily, our hotel had a rooftop where you could see the ruins from, so it wasn’t a complete loss. Our flight back to the states left the next morning.

View of Acropolis–Ancient Greek city ruins

All in all, this was a phenomenal vacation. Much needed. Much deserved. I got lots of great footage and will hopefully release a vlog sooner rather than later.

Next up, in just 4 days, I WILL GRADUATE FROM MEDICAL SCHOOL! The road will finally come to an end, I have reached the light at the end of the tunnel and this chapter will officially close. I cannot wait! I’m so ready to get this degree. Wooohoo!

Congratulations to everyone else graduating during this season. It’s such an exciting time for us! Wishing you all the best this week.


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