What’s up Doc!?

Last week, two little letters got added to my name! I don’t think I’ve ever worked harder than I have for those letters. Ijeoma Okoye, MD. WOW. It’s still somewhat surreal to me. I have moments when it hits me and I get terrified that I have no idea what I just got myself into. But, I prefer to live in the blissful state of accepting congratulations and celebrating with friends and family instead. When I think about the actual responsibility I have, the imposter syndrome chokes me. I just try to keep telling myself that I’m going to be fine. I believe it most of the time.

We had an entire week of events leading up to our hooding ceremony including a graduation dinner, different social events, and an awards ceremony. It was nice to see all my friends again one last time before we all part ways. The actual ceremony itself was typical, as expected. Our keynote speaker, Dr. Leah Brown who’s an orthopedic surgeon and served as a military doc, was phenomenal. I was inspired just seeing a black woman up there behind the podium, then she made it better with all the amazing things she said in her speech. That was the most memorable part for me, well, after actually getting hooded. Having my parents there was amazing too, they were so overjoyed.

Since graduation, I’ve been at back-to-back graduation parties for my friends (see feature photo). It’s been great celebrating everyone and getting to know their extended families. I’ll be having my own party this coming weekend, and until then I look forward to resting up my legs. I hope to get started on my vlog from my trip to Europe. There’s so much footage to put together! Also, I still have a few things I need to complete for residency, so I’ll try to work on that this week as well. I’m about to start reading a new book this week, too. I think that’s it for my to-do list for the week, definitely keeping it low key. This weekend will be full of events once again and I need to have enough energy to get through it.

Congratulations to all of the 2019 graduates once again!! We did it!

Have a blessed week.

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