Chapter Closing

So my time in Atlanta is coming to an end. The celebrations are winding down and I’m saying many of my goodbyes. I can’t say that I’m not excited to move though! Last week I closed on my condo (yay!) and moved some of my stuff into my new place. This weekend I’ll be taking my final trip with my mom to bring the rest of my stuff up. I gave myself a full 2 weeks to get settled because not only do I need to get familiar with the area and figure out where to do my usual life upkeep, but I sold all of my furniture in Augusta and have to furnish all over again. I have a list of “now” furniture including my bed/mattress, couch, dresser, rug–basically large things that require delivery/assembly and I consider necessities. Then I have a “later” list including the accent furniture, desk, tv/tv stand, etc–things I can live without for the immediate future but will acquire over the next couple months. I want to take advantage of the time that I will be flexible and be able to get things together. I really don’t want this to be a stressful move-in process.

On closing day with my agent and lender. Best team!

I decided to shop for many things online, which I’ve never done and was a little weary about. However, I did a lot of research and talked to friends who’ve done it and I feel pretty good about my stuff! We’ll see as it starts coming in next week. I’ve ordered from Wayfair, Overstock, and Amazon. I think the main thing is knowing that you’re obviously not getting Haverty’s or Macy’s quality furniture at an online store like Wayfair. You can’t order stuff from them and feel a way when you don’t get that luxury vibe. For me, I still feel like I’m not ready to commit to “forever” furniture. Plus, my bank account isn’t either. I was moreso looking for 3-5 year quality furniture that would serve me while living alone. I would never buy furniture from an online store if I had a family for example, but since it’s just me, I know I can maintain it and it’ll serve me well. I’m excited to get settled in!

I still have a few more requirements from my residency program to knock out this week mainly reading life support textbooks and taking pre-tests. Then when I get to Charlotte I have to do a full health assessment, which is essentially a physical exam and vaccination update. The cool thing is that it’s free for employees! I don’t even have to pay a co-pay which is nice.

All I can say is whoo! Life is about to get REAL.

In other news, I finally finished putting together the highlight video from my post-graduation Europe trip! Check it out here:

Enjoy the rest of your week!


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