It’s all come down to this! Time to submit my ERAS app

It's time to submit my application for residency! It's crazy to think that all of my time in medical school has been summarized into this one application that I'm submitting this week. I've had to craft my ERAS (Electronic residency application service) application to truly reflect my character, interests, aspirations, accomplishments, values, intellect, and best [...]

Birthday shenanigans! 25 years young

This past Thursday I was blessed to see my 25th birthday. I'm actually posting Tuesday instead of Sunday because of my much needed recovery from the weekend. The actual day was pretty low key. Honestly, I never feel much difference on my birthdays in terms of my attitude or behavior. It felt like a regular [...]

My take on STEP2, visiting family, and starting a new rotation

Hello from the other side! The biggest hurdle of my 4th year of medical school is complete! I took USMLE STEP 2 CK (clinical knowledge) this past Wednesday in Atlanta--at the same place I took STEP 1 for added nostalgia. I had a 3.5 week study period and pretty much burned out in 3 weeks. [...]

How to Survive M1 year

Congrats to the folks who are about to start their journey into medicine! This post is for you because in a few short weeks, you're going to get smacked in the face with painful reality. Right now you're bright-eyed and bushy tailed, beaming with pride and stocking your closet with professional clothes. You're thinking about [...]