Learning curves

My intern year has been full of learning curves. I can cruise along some of them, but others come pretty close to throwing me off the road. The good thing about intern year is that you don’t really suffer alone. You always (or at least you should) have upper levels watching your back. I’m on internal medicine wards right now and I take comfort in knowing that if I miss something, my upper level will catch it, and if she misses something, my attending will likely catch it. Of course, I try not to miss things. But it never fails … Continue reading Learning curves

Med School vs Residency

There’s obviously major differences between being a med student and being a resident, but the transition itself isn’t really talked about that much! Seems like people just go to residency, disappear, and you just see them on social media from time to time. I decided to film a video about my transition thus far, or at least some it. If I talked about everything, we’d be here all day. It hasn’t been as terrible as I thought it would be, but it definitely has been challenging to step into the role of physician. The imposter syndrome still lingers. Even today … Continue reading Med School vs Residency

Chapter Closing

So my time in Atlanta is coming to an end. The celebrations are winding down and I’m saying many of my goodbyes. I can’t say that I’m not excited to move though! Last week I closed on my condo (yay!) and moved some of my stuff into my new place. This weekend I’ll be taking my final trip with my mom to bring the rest of my stuff up. I gave myself a full 2 weeks to get settled because not only do I need to get familiar with the area and figure out where to do my usual life … Continue reading Chapter Closing